Teaching Resources

Here is a collection of links and or downloads of content given out or used during HST teaching sessions.  As more is made available I’ll put it here (and organise it better).

Journal Club/Critical Appraisal from Dr Chris Connolly [link] 11/10/16

Prof Sue Masons’ Amazing SMACC talk on geriatric EM 11/10/16

Ethics questions on consent from Dr Sally Gibbs [consent-under-16] 11/10/16

Management viva practice from Dr Steve Crane from teaching 13/9/16

Intray excercise: [note-from-ed-secretaries-13-9-16lost-data-stick-13-9-16][lc-chest-drain-inident-13-9-16][infection_risk_staff-room-13-9-16][complaint-re-missed-elbow-fracture]  Answers: [answers-management-junior-13-9-16]