If anyone wants to tell me of any other good courses, I’ll put them up here.


CRISIS (CRISIS flyer Oct 2015)

CRISIS simulates three scenarios – can’t intubate, can’t ventilate, emergency thoracotomy, and perimortem c-section and allows candidates to practice technical and non-technical skills in high fidelity sim and clinical skills centre.

If you are a Yorks and Humber School of EM Trainee – the course fee will be reclaimed directly from the Deanery after you have attended the course.

To book your place on the course please contact –  tracey.Williams1@bthft.nhs.uk or telephone 01274 383488

Leeds Major Trauma Course

The Leeds MTC course simulates a major trauma team in action.  People ‘play themselves’ and operate within their area of expertise to deal with simulations of critically ill trauma patients.  This means you have to talk to real surgeons, and real radiologists.  Real-time high fidelity simulation incorporating the entire trauma team.

To book a place contact the course administrator Magaret Flanagan  0113 206 5749 margaret.flanagan1@nhs.net .